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Quality self-catering for
4 to 10 people from
£600 to £2,150 per week
(not per person!).
Now with full Wifi and internet access.

Self-Catering Trulli in Puglia

This summer why not try a different holiday? Italy is a land of glorious sunshine married with a stunning cultural history and wonderful food. There is no need to visit a barren island just to catch the sun! Northern Italy is rightly famous or cities such as Florence and Venice, but what about somewhere off the beaten track? Ask a Northern Italian where they go for holiday, their answer will often be to Puglia in the deep south. Tourism exists, but there are few foreigners. The south remains a largely sleepy agricultural land. It is the largest producer of olives in the world, with ancient groves of olive trees. The local wines are famous in Italy, but much less well known outside. A €2 litre bottle will often be better than wines 5 times 10 times that price from the north of from France. Puglianese are obsessed with the freshest food, local shops in small villages often have more cheeses than the largest city supermarkets.

Our trulli and pool
Our trulli and the pool

You like beaches and sea? It is possible to visit beaches on three different coasts within an hour, following mile after mile of sandy dunes or coves. There are developed beaches with sports facilities or designed for children, but there are long stretches where it is possible to be the only person on the beach.

Want some culture? Puglianese hill towns have been settled for thousands of years, with magnificently carved cathedrals, glorious paintings and medieval hill towns.

Solar heated pool. For 2013 we will have the pool heated by solar panels for the first time. This extends the period during which the water should be warm enough for a nice dip without being too "refreshing" by a considerable period. It will make the pool much more accessible in the Spring and Autumn. Solar heating is, of course, the greenest way to provide that luxurious feel to the pool.

Unlimited Internet Usage. We have managed to overcome the various issues to be able to offer unlimited internet usage in both trulli. Due to the area It is by "dongle" rather than WiFi, so rather slower than is ideal, but a major step forward!

To make it really special, stay in a trullo in the Italian countryside. These are ancient stone houses designed to be cool in the Mediterranean sun, but warm and snug in winter. Much more fun than a modern hotel box room! Our trulli are set in 150 year old olive groves and come complete with exclusive swimming pool and every modern comfort, yet retain the rustic Italian feel. Imagine sitting around your own pool with your family or a few friends, enjoying the Italian countryside.

Some more trulli in Alberobello
Some trulli in Alberobello with characteristic roof symbols


The pool
The pool


Alto's outside dining
Alto's outside dining




Local cheese stall
Local cheese stall


Alberobello street
Alberobello street

View from the trullo
View from the trullo

Tour around this website for lots more information about Trulli Alto and Olivo, the area and how to contact us.

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